Read to your infant children.
They don’t know what the words mean.
They can’t speak the words.
But they hear the words, and that sets their brain to work.



What is “Words Matter” and why are we doing this?

Government funded studies have shown that what will keep the counties of LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam from advancing include our region having an overabundance of low skilled-low wage jobs, a shortage of people living here who have any kind of degree or certificate, and a significant drug program.

The Words Matter effort is designed to get a greater number of children off to a fast start in life. If kids can get a better start, they have a better chance of reaching their fullest potential personally and economically. Their parents have an opportunity to become better parents and better people. In turn there will be more qualified people to work for the businesses which are here, and those who may consider coming here.

Further research shows that the more fulfilled a person’s life becomes, the better health they will have.

Every mother and father, every grandmother and grandfather has a role to play in making things better.

Elements of the campaign include community engagement through Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, United Way, Churches, and other service organizations. Birthing hospitals will be asked to supply materials in their discharge packs. Outreach will be made before and after birth via Pre-Natal classes, and information provided to pediatricians’ offices. The Human Resource departments of large regional employers will be leveraged to get information to their employee parents and grand-parents.

It starts with you.