Reach Out and Read

Reading to your child does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Whether you are searching the web on your computer, tablet or phone, you have access to a myriad of articles to read to your child. Whether you are reading the news or and informative article, read it out loud to your child.  In doing so, you are exposing your child’s brain to a wide variety of words. 

Each module in this series has content to help you understand why reading to your child is important, along with tips to get started. 

In the video below, you will get a sense of just how far and how wide the research goes about the impact of reading to your child.

So, it is one thing to know in your head that your child will have a better life if you regularly spend time reading to and with him or her, but you may not know  how to start. For tips on how to get started, watch the video below.


Helpful Guide #3

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