NCRBC acted as a sponsor and a spring board for the creation of NCI ArtWorks.

The mission of NCI ARTworks is to inspire growth among artists through artistic collaboration, educational outreach and art space development.

NCI ARTworks promotes quality professionalism and diversity in the arts in a positive manner. It is also their mission to create venues which support public and private education, community events, economic development and cultural tourism. Serving LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam Counties.

NCI ARTworks Vision

The Vision of North Central Illinois ARTworks is based on three initiatives, Artistic Collaboration, Educational Outreach, and Arts Space Development. We will foster communication between artists, arts organizations, and arts educators through our regional arts calendar, arts directory, round table discussions, seminars and workshops. We will also serve as a coordinating organization to promote artistic opportunities for student, schools, and the community, including the development of temporary and permanent facilities for artistic and cultural purposes.

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